Avian Foundation

Wild Hyacinth Macaws Foraging
The Kaytee Avian Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to enhance people's knowledge and enjoyment of birds through education, conservation and research. The foundation supports projects locally and globally focusing on these three areas.

The Foundation believes that birds are an integral part of our lives!

Birds protect our world's food supply by consuming huge quantities of pest insects, warn us of dangers in our streams and rivers, and connect us daily to the beauty and mystery of nature's web of life.

Some songbird populations have decreased by as much as 70% in the past decade. Habitat loss and many other factors play a key role in the decline of bird populations.

In our homes, companion birds are part of our families, bringing us much enjoyment. Several studies have shown that companion animals reduce stress and help us relax.

As birds are an integral part of our lives, let's join together to make a difference - saving habitat, educating and learning more about companion and wild bird populations.