Meet the Flock!

Getting To Know A Cockatiel

Get to know the birds and beasts of Kaytee.

Meet the Flock

ZicoName: Zico
Title: "The Mime"
I am a: Hyacinth
We call Zico "The Mime" because very often you will see this gentle giant sitting in his cage not making a noise. He often makes funny movements; he might put his foot in the air or look at you upside down.
SmurfName: Smurf
Title: "The Trainer"
I am a: Blue & Gold Macaw
We call Smurf “The Trainer” When Smurf does his tricks the rest of the flock watches. Some of the birds learn from Smurf.
PepperName: Pepper
Title: "The Talk Show Host"
I am an: African Gray
The reason we call Pepper “The Talk Show Host” is because he has a huge vocabulary (as do most African Grey Parrots) the sad part is, Pepper doesn’t talk in front of people. When he thinks he’s alone he talks up a storm!! I guess you could call him camera shy.
ManuName: Manu
Title: "The Flight Instructor"
I am a: Blue-Headed Pionus
We call Manu “The Flight Instructor” because he is an amazing flyer. If you stop by the Center you might see him take flight!!
PaulieName: Paulie
Title: "The (aspiring) Actor"
I am a: Blue-Crowned Conure
The reason we call Paulie the “Aspiring Actor” is because ever since he saw the movie “Paulie” he has wanted to be just like Paulie the actor.
AjaName: Aja
Title: "The Acrobat"
I am a: Severe Macaw
We call Aja “The Acrobat” because she loves to hang up side down. She would rather be upside down than right side up.
MinnieName: Minnie
Title: "The Greeter"
I am a: Yellow-collared Macaw
We call Minnie “The Greeter” because he is constantly saying hello to everyone.
LillyName: Lilly
Title: "The Psychiatrist"
I am a: Eclectus (Female)
We call Lilly “The Psychiatrist” Because she is always listening. She is a very soft spoken bird, a bird you could tell all your problems to.
NormanName: Norman
Title: "The Ventriloquist"
I am a: Eclectus (Male)
We call Norman “The Ventriloquist” because he is great at throwing his voice. You would never guess the voices he makes actually come from him.
HarleyName: Harley
Title: "The Rock Star"
I am a: Cockatoo
We call Harley “The Rock Star” Because he is constantly performing. He especially loves to do head bangs!
PackerName: Packer
Title: "The Care Giver"
I am a: Sengal Parrot
We call Packer “The Care Giver” because he is a very giving bird. He loves showing his affection to others. Stop in at the Center and let Packer give you a little love.
MaccaduName: Maccadu
Title: "The Fashion Designer"
I am a: Scarlet Macaw
We call Maccadu “The Fashion Designer” because he is a very stylish bird. He is constantly showing off his beautiful and vibrant colors.

Meet the Herd

TankName: Tank
I am a: Rabbit
Tank is one of the friendliest rabbits you will ever meet. He loves attention, stop in at the Center and give tank a little love.
Butterscotch and MarshmallowNames: Butterscotch & Marshmallow
We are: Guinea Pigs
Butterscotch and Marshmallow are quite the little squealers, as most guinea pigs are. The boys love eating Kaytee Timothy Hay.
DegasName: Larry, Mo & Curly (not pictured)
We are: Degus
Degus are very often unfamiliar to the average pet owner. These little guys are loads of fun. They will do almost anything for a banana chip. Stop in at the Center and you can feed them one.
OopsName: Oops
I am a: Chinchilla
Oops is very soft, he loves taking dust baths to keep his fur nice and soft. Oops loves running in his exercise wheel. Chinchillas are very active animals.
Trouble and TurboNames: Trouble & Turbo
We are: Ferrets
These little guys have names that describe them very well. Ferrets are very curious and active creatures. If you can get over their smell they can be just as good of a pet as a dog or cat.
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