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Wild Bird Photos

Caption: We heard a big bang and went to see what it was and "Junior" our resident red breasted woodpecker had hit the door window in the kitchen and was out cold. It was so cold I knew he would die if we left him out there, so I went and picked him up see his eye? Caption: He finally flew away . Was doing fine, then hit the window again today, but not hard this time, flew away. Caption: See all the little goldfinches a few are purple finches. Since finding the Finch Station 2 we have increased our little population of Goldfinches, also feed sunflower seeds. There are times when the feeder has so many birds on it you can hardly see the feed socks. We had a blizzard a week ago the the birds have increased 10 fold.
Wildbird 2 Name: Yellow Rumped Warbler
Caption: The yellow rumped warbler thumped into our window but was fine after a few minutes.
Wildbird 3 Name: Yellow Rumped Warbler Wildbird 7 Name: Simpson Babies
Wildbird 9 Name: Margie with babies
Captions: These are wild mute swans that live on our lake. I have named them Homer & Margie Simpson and have made friends with them.
Wildbird 8 Name: Homer with babies
Caption: Each year they bring their cygnets over to meet us the day they leave the nest. They still have an egg tooth on their tiny bills!
Wildbird 10 Name: Simpson's Caption: Here are pics of them as full grown adults. They are still wild, but seem to trust me and follow me in my canoe around the lake single file. It's pretty funny.
Caption:Saw several BlueJays eating out of our dogs food dish. Sometimes eating more then one at a time! Wildbird 1 Name: Piebald Robin Wildbird 5 Name: Piebald Robin

Our Pet Bird Friends

Pet's Name: Madison
Caption: Madison's exercise program.
Pet 3 Pet's Name: Cadillac
Caption: Congo African Grey
Pet's Name: KADDO
Pet's Name: Jack and Jill
Caption: Love kaytee seed and treats
Parrots Caption: BeBe and Elvis Parrot 2 Caption: BeBe is the Yellow Nape Amazon
Parrot 4 Caption: Elvis is a Hahn's Macaw Parrot 3 Caption: BeBe is the Yellow Nape Amazon Name: Peach
Caption: Mullican Coccatoo, 10 yrs old
Caption: Eating kaytee is our game a 100% kaytee babies from day one Name: Kangke Pigeon female with two new born chicks
Caption:Three weeks old (They love Kaytee's seeds)
Name: Mouning Dove ( 6 months old )
Caption:3 female and 3 males 1 female just laying eggs
Caption: Ringneck Dove eggs & Flite Pigeon eggs with two Mouning Dove's eggs (5 days old) Pigeon eggs are bigger than Dove's eggs Name: Einstein
Caption:My Umbrella Cockatoo after his bath.
Name: Buckeye
Caption: Congo African Grey- even though he is 100% blind it doesn’t stop him from exploring
Name: Lucky Dove
Caption: Female on her eggs and the male is on the rod next to the nest 6 months old bird this pairs are lucky excellent for the wedding ceremony they loves KAYTEE seeds products...
Name: DORI (Japan)- Parakeet
Caption: happy!
Name: Arlo
Caption: Derbyan Parakeet
Name: Snow White Ringneck Dove (Nok-Khao leui)
Caption: Original from Laos this is third generation & 1 year old male and femal
Name: Yellow Bird
Caption: Yellow is our "Human" cockatiel...she is praying with her Angel.
Name: Baby Willie
Caption: Best talker and a real baby or at least she thinks she is.
Name: Kiki & Max
Caption: Twin Conures.... funny and cute!
08 Flite Motherwith Egg Caption: Flite female just laying egg 08 Mole 2 Week Newborn Caption: Mole female with two weeks babies
Caption: Flite male & Kamano female 1 year old Name: Tiki
Caption: Tiki doing a headstand! Anza Valley Exotic Birds
Name: Karletto
Caption: This is my best friend...Karletto! We live in Sicily, Italy.
Name: Crackers - Blue Front Amazon
Caption: Sweet talker!
Pet 2 Name: Chauncy, Skye and Cinnamon
Caption: Chauncy, Skye and Cinnamon, some of my conures having a great time in the little waterfalls on their playgym.
Pet 1 Name: Chichi
Caption: Chichi one of my parrotlets helping herself to my bowl of oatmeal.
Pet 4 Name: Junebug
Caption: Peach faced lovebird

Our Small Animal Friends

Pet's Name: Lexy
Caption: Lexy loves Exact Rainbow Diet… Especially the yellow ones.
Pet's Name: Pumpkin
Caption: We rescued our "Beautiful Pumpkin" from a bad home about a year ago. She was terrified of people and now she has a wonderful personality of her own and we wouldn't trade her for the world. Our Pumpkin knows where her "Kaytee" treats and Timothy Hay is stored. When she hears the closet door she squeals so happily asking for some!
Pet's Name: Pumpkin
Caption: When you get in the refrigerator she knows she is getting some lettuce and carrots. When our friends or neighbors stop by for a visit, everyone comments how beautiful she is and how she is the largest guinea pig they have ever seen. "Pumpkin" is the first guinea pig we have ever had and I never realized how much love and joy they have to give! I wouldn't trade her for the world!
Caption: In loving memory of Smootie. Name: Sufee
Caption: My hamster when I brought her home February '08. She just passed this June. I really miss her!!
Name: Sufee
Caption: Sufee before she passed June '09. I really miss her!!
Name: Chipster
Caption: My hamster when I brought him home September '07.
Name: Puff Caption:Puff is one of my two chinchillas that love each other so much, almost as much as I love them. Name: Pikachu
Caption:Pikachu is one of my two chinchillas that love each other so much, almost as much as I love them.
Name: Benjamin Franklyn
Caption: Ferret on a motorcycle
Name: Scooter
Caption: Guinea Pig (Loves his Orchard Grass)
Name: Iggy
Caption: Teddy Bear Hamster, 4 months old
Name: Lulu
Caption: She's a 5-year old Netherland Dwarf who enjoys the Sunday newspaper, It Tag, nose rubs and berry-flavored yogurt dips.