Your New Pet

Pet birds enjoy interaction, in as little as 30 minutes a day you can enrich your bird’s life! The relationship you share with your companion bird can be extremely rewarding. It will be a life time of joy since birds can live 10 to 60 years. For a mutually rewarding relationship prepare to invest a considerable amount of time with your bird. Pet birds are social flock animals and thrive on attention. Your bird will consider you part of its flock. The time and expense of caring for your pet bird (including food, treats, toys and veterinary visits) and its habitat should also be considered.

With the right start sharing your life with a pet bird can be a wonderful relationship to be cherished.

We’re here to help with this comprehensive guide!

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Now that you have selected the perfect bird for you, its time to start building a healthy relationship with your new pet. Before you get started, watch our video “Bringing Birdie Home”. You will find helpful tips on getting started the right way.

This experience is not just new to you… It is also a new experience for your pet! Patience is the number one rule to a successful bonding. Because every pet and every situation is unique, we know you may have some questions that were not covered in the video. We invite you to contact us with any additional questions. We also welcome your success stories! Your questions will be answered by the appropriate Kaytee expert and we will work together to find a solution that fits your situation.

We also recommend you contact your local Pet Retailer for advice.

Congratulations on your new Pet!