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Bring colorful Wild Birds to your backyard

A Wild Bird Feeding On A Watcher's Porch

Wild Bird watching and feeding, or “birding,” is most enjoyable when you are able to attract a large number and variety of wild birds to your backyard. Plus, it allows you to practice conservation in your own yard and teaches children to enjoy the outdoors, helping them become more environmentally aware.

KAYTEE offers a large variety of wild bird food, including the KAYTEE, Ultra, Woodlands, and Supreme lines, to attract everything from Cardinals to Orioles to Finches.

Top-quality feeders, such as KAYTEE's Finch Station, Hanging Feeder Station for Suet, or Songbird Station, increase the chances that the colorful song birds will soon be visiting you on a regular basis. Once you've begun to attract wild birds to your backyard, try adding other types of feeders and food. You'll soon be seeing and hearing incredible songs in your backyard.

Search for birds by region to see what you can you expect during your backyard bird feeding fun..

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For more on feeding wild birds checkout our website dedicated to KAYTEE wild bird products.