At Kaytee, we’ve spent a long time admiring relationships like yours and studying the needs, habits and traits of the birds involved—in the wild and in the home. Over time, we’ve become champions of the well-being of the bird and have come to believe the two most important factors are knowledgeable, caring bird adopters like you, and making sure the nutritional needs of the birds are met. You know this isn’t always easy. Pet birds are notoriously picky (and messy) eaters. 

This is why we created NutriSoft™. You can tell by the name it’s nutritious, and unlike other available foods, it’s soft--just like the fruits and vegetables they’d eat in the wild. It’s also delicious because we use natural fruit flavors your bird instinctually craves. You’ll love watching them devour it instead of tossing it around! And since every bite is packed with optimum nutrition, you can be sure your bird is getting the vitamins and minerals they need. Of course, you can still shake things up by adding some of your bird’s favorite foods and treats from the fridge or the store (they’d probably let you know if you didn’t) for a little variety. But you don’t have to. 

So, give Kaytee NutriSoft™ a try today. We think you’ll like it. We know your bird will love it because it’s not just the best for your bird, it’s also pet bird preferred! And together, we can help your bird live a healthy and happy life for a very, Very, VERY long time.