Kaytee Finch Bar

Kaytee Wild Finch treat bars are easy to hang, last longer than loose seed, and make an excellent addition to backyard birding. Seed doesn’t fall on the ground like traditional sock feeders


  • No new or existing feeder needed with the ready to hang feature
  • Less mess and lasts longer than traditional loose seed
  • Birds spend more time pecking and eating the seed, leading to more time watching birds at the feeder

Keep feeders filled with fresh food Discard old food before refilling and clean feeders regularly to minimize mold and bacteria

Crude Protein (min.) 16.0%
Crude Fat (min.) 18.0%
Crude Fiber (max.) 18.0%
Moisture (max.) 13.0%

Nyjer Seed, Canary Grass Seed, White Millet, Small Yellow Millet, Red Millet

Reseal package and store in a cool dry place, preferably in a sealed container. This will protect against insect infestation that can naturally occur with any whole grain seed product.


8"h x 4"w x 2.75"l


.919 pounds

UPC#: 071859001531