Small Animal


At Kaytee, we know what small animals love to eat and what’s good for them. Our foods are formulated by small animal nutritionists to ensure your pet’s needs are always met.

Small Animal

habitats, toys, and accessories

Enjoy big-time bonding with your small animal pet.  Our habitats, toys, and accessories encourage interaction and fun.  Explore various products, care tips, and more!

Pet Bird Food

Avian nutritionists know that each bird species is unique, and every bite of food should be sized right and scientifically-formulated for top nutrition. Get more insights from the experts at Kaytee.

Pet Bird

habitats, toys, and accessories

Develop a stronger bond with your companion bird with innovative products crafted with passion. Our high-quality products are made to enhance the pet bird ownership experience.


High-quality hay is essential in the digestive health of your small pet.  Hay provides an excellent source of fiber and plays a vital role in their diet.  Choose from varieties of fresh Timothy hay, Alfalfa, Orchard Grass, and more.


Discover the best choice in safe and healthy odor control: Clean & Cozy. This soft bedding is super-absorbent, 99.9% dust-free, and just right for burrowing.

Food From The Wild

Did you know your small animal is a natural forager? Introducing Food from the Wild™, Kaytee’s new small animal food line inspired by ancestral feeding habits.

Wild Bird

"Always do what's right for the birds."  Our century-old mission inspires us to continuously learn about various bird species and create food products that promote wild bird health.


Ensure proper pet growth, appearance, and health. Wholesome ingredients are fortified with nutrients your bird or small animal needs for a long and healthy life.

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