How to Assemble a CritterTrail Starter Habitat for your Hamster, Gerbil, or Mouse

Our Customer Service Team is available via phone toll-free at 1-800-529-8331, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CST) if you need additional assistance with the assembly. Our tech/warranty department is ready to help you with any missing parts or pieces that need replacement, just give them a call at 1-888-255-4527, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (CST).

Now that you have the base of your pet’s habitat ready to go, get creative! Add accessories and customize your pet’s home to fit their needs. They will love new toys, spaces to explore, and treats. Pick up these additions at a store near you or find one by clicking WHERE TO BUY button

Congrats on being a pet parent! So many exciting things come along with becoming a parent to a small animal. You need to pick a name, take cute photos of your pet, introduce them to your friends, but most importantly, you have to get all the needed supplies to care for your pet. Items like food, treats, toys, run-about balls, and more will soon fill your house as your pet becomes a big part of your life. As you prepare your pet’s living space, there is some assembly required. But don’t get your fur in a bunch! We are here to help. 

This CritterTrail Starter Habitat, right out of the box, includes nearly everything you need for your pet’s home. When you open the box of your new CritterTrail, you’ll find:
A. Scatter-less base (red)
B. Rooftop with wire door (blue and yellow)
C. Front wire panel with door (blue)
D. Back wire panel (blue)
E. Side latch (green)
F. Bubble wave wheel (green)
G. Wheel connector clip (green)
H. Water bottle (blue)
I. Round food dish (yellow)
J. Hanging nest (natural)
K. Twist lock opening cap (green)

While these items are everything you need to assemble your pet’s habitat, there are still a couple items you’ll need to purchase to make their habitat a home. 

Make sure to get soft bedding that is free of dust and safe for your pet. Bedding options include wood shavings, paper bedding, and more. Some beddings are scented, some come in different colors, and superior odor control benefits for fun foraging. Whatever you decide to get your pet, make sure you have it ready when building your CritterTrail.

You will also need fresh water. Fill the water bottle with water that you would drink yourself before installing it in the CritterTrail. Pets need lots of fresh water, you’re their only source! It is important that your pet has enough water to drink throughout the day and night.

Pick out a food that is right for your pet. Whether you have a mouse, a hamster, or a gerbil, there are foods crafted specifically to fulfill each species’ nutritional needs. There are different levels of food that offer a variety of health benefits, so check out our Choosing The Right Food blog to learn more about the different options for your pet. 

Crittertrail habitats are designed to connect to other Crittertrail habitats to create endless customization and increase living space. Other accessories that will take your pet’s home to the next level include second habitats which can be connected with tubes, Loop-D-Loop accessories, a Lazy Look-Out accessory, LED lights, and more. These accessories provide more space for your pet to explore, burrow, and run around, keeping them active and healthy in their home. 

Please remember that out-of-habitat time is important for all pets. Pets need attention, love, and close monitoring when they are out of their habitats exploring or roaming around your space in a toy like a run-about ball. 

Once you have your bedding, water bottle full of clean, fresh water, and a bag of food, you’re ready to build your habitat! 

The full assembly instructions come in every box, but if for some reason, you need access to instructions, they are provided below.

(Link to PDF Instructions)

Instructions for all habitats we offer are available for download here. 

Once you’ve read through the instructions, take a look at this video as we build the habitat step-by-step! Follow along to get help assembling your CritterTrail.