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  • What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

    What do guinea pigs eat? is likely top on the list since you'll need to bring food home along with the pet so they are ready for their first meal.

  • Does My Small Animal Need Exercise? (Yes!)

    Small animal pets, like hamsters and guinea pigs, need to exercise their bodies and minds just like you do. Learn how you can help your small pet in our blog.

  • Ultimate Birder's Gift Guide

    Delight the birder in your life with any of these thoughtful gifts. From documentaries to annual memberships, these present ideas are sure to please any birder.

  • Can Birds See Color?

    Can birds see color themselves? Indeed they can, and far more elaborately than the simple rainbow of hues humans see.

  • 10 Common Backyard Birding Mistakes 

    Attracting birds to your yard can be entertaining and fun, but common mistakes can prevent birds from coming to your feeders.

  • Fun Craft for Kids: Bird Seed Doodles

    Make the most of time with your kids by doing fun activities that stimulate creativity. This DIY project uses just bird seed, glue, and paper.

  • How Birds Stay Warm in Winter

    The temperatures are dropping, the winds have changed direction, and the first flakes of snow are falling.

  • How To Feed Birds in Summer

    From the best foods to the right feeders, birders who take steps to meet summer birds' nutritional needs will be surprised with many more birds to enjoy throughout the season.