Kaytee Wild Bird - Create a backyard oasis that birds will flock to enjoy.

Welcome to the wonderful world of watching wild birds.

Every member of the family gets a thrill from seeing and identifying wild bird markings or hearing a familiar bird call. Feeding and watching wild birds, commonly called birding, offers an outdoor adventure without leaving your backyard. Kids learn about animals and the outdoors, become more environmentally aware, and appreciate the benefits of practicing conservation.

So, how can you attract the wild birds you want? Offering wild bird food from Kaytee is a great start. Putting it in a quality bird feeder is another important step. There are many products that make birding easy.

Want to know what birds you can expect to see during your backyard birding adventure? Search for birds to explore various types of birds in your area. Have questions? Our answers are provided by experienced wild bird enthusiasts.