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About Kaytee—Exceptional products for happy pets.

Doing what is right, for you and your pets.

Being a leader comes with responsibility and expectations. Our industry leadership inspires us to bring you quality, provide unmatched service, and create innovative new products—food, treats, bedding, toys, habitats, and accessories. Kaytee is committed to the comfort and safety of small animal pets, pet birds, and wild birds.

For more than 150 years, our focus has been on giving pet parents the best bird and small animal nutrition and care. We’re also dedicated to supporting various community outreach programs in our backyard, beautiful Chilton, Wisconsin! Kaytee’s commitment to excellence reflects the values and work ethic of our friends and neighbors. Doing the right thing for the animals we love also helps the people who appreciate them.

Our Mission Begins Here:

"To provide the highest quality goods and services for people's enjoyment of birds and other pets."

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Kaytee's Story?

Our tale begins with a single grain elevator.

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We support bird projects locally and globally.
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