Kaytee’s commitment to Pet Birds has inspired nutritional innovations for more than 150 years. As a veterinarian recommended brand, Kaytee is dedicated to providing the highest quality foods. We offer a complete line of products to help keep your bird active, comfortable, and safe. Let our expertise be your peace of mind. When their nutrition is in your hands, trust Kaytee.

Pet Bird Foraging Behavior

In the wild, birds forage a complex range of nutrients from a variety of wild plants, fruits, nuts, and seeds to support optimal health. Foraging is an instinctive behavior your pet inherited from its ancestors. The animal experts at Kaytee have created Food from the Wild for the natural forager in your home.

Key Ingredients in Food From The Wild

Food from the Wild™ is a foraging blend crafted with handpicked, ingredients inspired by your bird’s natural habitat, to encourage the instinctual foraging activity your pet bird need every day.

Mental Benefits

Foraging is a core instinct of pet birds and essential to their overall well-being. When birds are kept as pets, they no longer need to search for their food making it even more important to provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Food from the Wild™ blend offers a diverse range of ingredients to support mental and physical stimulation.

Physical Benefits

Food from the Wild™ is a blended with extruded pieces that offer species specific comprehensive nutrition to support overall health. Food from the Wild is formulated holistically to meet the nutritional needs of your pet bird.

Food From The Wild - Parrot

Foraging Ingredients
for Variety and Enrichment

Food From The Wild - Cockatiel

Made with Natural

Food From The Wild - Macaw

Ingredients Inspired
by Natural Habitats

Food From The Wild - Conure

Digestive Health