Field of Hay Bales

2nd Cut
Timothy Hay

Harvested at the peak freshness specifically for your small pet. Our premier Timothy Hay is cut from the second harvest which yields a leafy, slightly sweet and abundant crop – nourished by long sunny days and cool restorative nights. We pride ourselves in growing premier all-natural Timothy Hay without pesticides. Our hay is hand-selected to ensure high nutritional value. Each convenient stay fresh pack is carefully boxed to protect it from light, air and moisture to lock in freshness, guaranteed.

90 OZ.

Fresh & Flavorful Variety

Balanced leaf-to-stem ratio

Slightly sweet with a soft, flexible texture

Hand selected to ensure high nutritional value

Grown without pesticides grown specifically for small pets

Convenient stay fresh packs, boxed to lock in freshness

RTB Hay Flavor & Texture