Kaytee Peanuts in Shell

Kaytee Peanuts in a Shell contain high levels of fat and protein, which provide added energy that is important to the diets of many backyard birds. The high protein levels help promote growth and good overall health for wild birds. Full of vitamins and minerals and with a rich texture and taste, you can not go wrong with offering Kaytee Peanuts in a Shell to wild birds. Peanuts are a great food for attracting woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays, towhees, cardinals, indigo buntings, and more! Kaytee Peanuts in a Shell can be served on platform feeders or in wide mesh feeders for best results. At Kaytee, we know birds about as well as birds know birds. With over 150 years of experience, we put the finest ingredients and a genuine love of birds into everything we do. That’s why Kaytee Wild Bird products are proven to attract a wide variety of colorful birds.