Seed & Suet No Mess Blueberry

Traditional seed mixes leave a mess in your backyard while suet leaves your hands feeling greasy. Kaytee® Seed & Suet No Mess Blend is a mixture of seeds and suet nuggets formulated to leave no mess on the ground or on your hands. That’s because we blended 100% edible seeds with 100% edible suet nuggets resulting in a convenient and easy to feed mix. No need to touch the suet; simply pour into your favorite feeder and enjoy the show. Kaytee® Seed & Suet attracts 2X more birds than Black Oil Sunflower alone, while keeping your backyard clean!




Kaytee Wild Bird Food, 10-pound Bag
  • Seeds and Suet Nuggets are 100% edible
  • No mess on your lawn
  • Attracts two times more birds than Black Oil Sunflower alone
  • Attracts three times more Woodpeckers than Black Oil Sunflower alone
  • For use in Tube, Hopper or Platform feeders.

UPC#: 071859005584