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Kaytee Hay for Small Animals

Timothy, alfalfa, orchard and Bermuda grasses are a great natural source of fiber that complements any Kaytee fortified food.

Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is an ideal fiber source and is lower in protein and calcium than alfalfa. Timothy hay supports digestive health and adds nutritional variety.

All Natural Timothy Hay with Carrot

Timothy Hay Plus 

Timothy Hay Plus combines the benefits of Timothy Hay with the flavor and variety of healthy flowers, fruits and berries.

All Natural Alfalfa Hay Mini Bale 24 oz

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa is high in protein for growing or lactating small animals. Alfalfa supports digestive health and adds nutritional variety.

Kaytee All Natural Orchard Grass

Orchard Grass

Orchard Grass is an added fiber source that compliments any Kaytee fortified food. This is sweet in flavor to provide nutritional variety.

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