Beat the Winter Blues with Backyard Birding

If you live in the northern half of the United States, five or more months out of the year can be cold and dreary. There are snow-filled days where multiple layers of warm clothes are necessary. One way to make winter more fun is to become a backyard birder. 

With the right care and products, birds could visit your backyard daily. Birds of all shapes, sizes, and colors are looking for running water and food in the winter. During the colder months when natural food sources are frozen and sparse, they rely on backyards that offer these resources. You will also be helping them out as some birds prepare for migration or mating season.

Becoming a backyard birder provides entertainment and fun all year long, which can help the winter blues disappear. As birds visit, you can start to identify species, watch family dynamics between mates, and watch unique flying patterns. There are unique characteristics to each bird, offering so much to observe and learn, all from just looking out the window!

Most feeders in the winter become so popular among the local birds that they need filling daily and cleaning often. Feeding the birds is a great outdoor activity that all ages can participate in.

Are you a beginner? We have a Guide to get you Started

So bundle up, get outside, feed the birds, and enjoy the entertainment outside your window from inside your warm home.