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  • 7 Ways To Keep Birds Cool in Summer

    While you're relaxing in the air conditioning or pool, sipping an icy drink, or enjoying a breeze, have you wondered how to keep birds cool in summer?

  • 20 Winter Birds You May See This Year

    This list of winter birds you may see this year is only a sampling, so get those binoculars ready!

  • How to Attract Birds to Your Urban Home

    You don't need acres of property or an expansive yard to bring birds to your home. If you know how to attract birds to your urban home, you can enjoy feathered guests no matter what type of city space you call your own.

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Feed Backyard Birds in Winter and What to Feed Them

    Winter’s a tough time for birds. Our experts cover 5 reasons why winter is the best time to provide backyard visitors Kaytee seed.

  • Top Backyard Bird Sounds You'll Hear

    One of the joys of learning to identify avian species doesn't require binocular adjustment. Instead, tune the dial on your listening skills.

  • Can Birds See Color?

    Can birds see color themselves? Indeed they can, and far more elaborately than the simple rainbow of hues humans see.

  • Fun Craft for Kids: Bird Seed Doodles

    Make the most of time with your kids by doing fun activities that stimulate creativity. This DIY project uses just bird seed, glue, and paper.

  • Types Of Orioles

    Orioles are colorful, popular songbirds, easily recognized and favorites of birders and non-birders alike. Even experienced birders can be surprised to learn that more than 60 species of orioles can be found worldwide.