Small Animals

  • Are Rabbits Rodents?

    From the lovable antics of the Easter Bunny and Thumper, to the endearing charm of The Velveteen Rabbit and Peter Rabbit, these longeared characters are all famous fictional bunnies. Are rabbits rodents?

  • Best Pet Hamster Names For Your Furry Friend

    If a little one is in charge of giving the new pet a name, they'll likely be inspired by a favorite cartoon character or movie. See, there are lots of ways to come up with the perfect name for a hamster.

  • Difference Between Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

    Small, furry pets may share similar pet foods, toys and care needs, but each is a unique species. Hamsters and guinea pigs are two of the most popular small animal friends coveted by kids, so let's get to know more about their history, what makes each of these critters special and decide which might be best for your family and current lifestyle.

  • 5 Ways To Escape The Heat With Your Pet This Summer

    With school out for summer and more family time on the horizon, now is when you can escape the heat and bring every member together, including your small pets. Here are 5 ways to stay entertained and continue bonding with your pet, without overheating this summer.

  • Premium Timothy Hay Treats

    Finally, the nutritional benefits of fresh all-natural Timothy Hay made into a delicious long-lasting treat!

  • Why Do Chinchillas Take Dust Baths

    If you've ever cuddled a chinchilla, you know their coat feels like the softest velvet ever imagined. Or, maybe it's what a cloud would feel like. Light. Airy. Fluffy. Perfect! So, how do these palm-sized mammals keep their silky fur in tip-top shape?

  • 11 Types of Guinea Pig Breeds to Learn About

    There are guinea pigs that are prone to health issues and others that require high-energy homes. Let's find out which breed of guinea pig (also known as a cavy) is right for you.

  • Tips for Safe Outdoor Play With Your Small Pet

    Whether it's a small hamster, gerbil, rat -- or larger pet -- like a rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla, they will enjoy sniffing in the grass and getting one-on-one time outdoors with you. Here's how to do it safely!