Wing Clipping

Clipping the wings is a painless process and, in fact, a temporary one because the flight feathers will grow back with each successive molt. The objective of wing-clipping is to limit a bird's ability to generate upward lift but retain the ability to glide downward to prevent injury from a fall.

  • Larger parrots typically require fewer feathers to be clipped.
  • Smaller birds have greater lift and need more feathers clipped.
  • Clip primary feathers on BOTH wings.
  • Primary coverts, secondary feathers and secondary coverts are not clipped.
  • Clip both wings to give bird proper balance.
  • Restrain head, both feet and the opposite wing.
  • Be careful NOT to restrict chest.
  • Hold wing at base of humerus.
  • Clip first four or five primaries at the base of the shaft, below feathered area.
  • Can leave the first two primaries for aesthetics and clip an additional primary.
  • Do not clip feathers with blood shaft.

We recommend that you visit your local Avian Veterinarian for your first wing and nail clipping! Your Veterinarian can demonstrate the proper techniques and provide you with everything you need to safely perform this routine maintenance on your own.