We found an orphaned baby wild bird outside, what should we do?

Understandably when an injured or abandoned bird is found the first reaction is to do what can be done to help the bird. However it is our responsibility to inform you that the Migratory Song Bird Act states individuals cannot possess any migratory or nonmigratory bird species unless transporting to a rehabilitation facility or DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) warden.

If a wounded or orphaned bird is found you may only keep them for 24 hours in order to transport. Do not feed! Please keep the bird quiet and warm. Transport as soon as possible, because each bird has nutrition and health concerns that will need attention. Only people with federal and state licenses can legally possess an injured or orphaned bird for care.

We recommend that you contact your local wildlife center, wildlife rehabilitation center, or DNR office. Your local veterinarian may also have information of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area they can refer you to.