The Benefits of Backyard Birding

Backyard birding is more than just feeding the birds. 

You start to recognize the species in your yard, you look for favorite birds, and you bring more life to your home. It is a fulfilling hobby with benefits that go beyond backyard entertainment. The advantages of feeding backyard birds are endless. But to help you understand some more reasons to enjoy this hobby, we’ve put together the top benefits of backyard birding. 


As mentioned above, birds are very entertaining. They are fun to watch because each species has different characteristics. Some travel in pairs, while some gather food to bring home to their partner. Some are aggressive at feeders, while others wait their turn. It is like having a soap opera outside your window just waiting to be watched!

Benefits of Backyard Birding by Kaytee 

Insect Control

Birds eat more than seeds and fruit. Keeping fresh water and bird seed in your yard, along with safety and coverage from predators, can make your backyard a bird haven. Birds will make it their home and bring their friends. All these birds that make your yard their home might also enjoy snacking on insects. This can eliminate the need for pesticides as birds act as a natural remover of those pesky bugs.  

An Alternative to Pets

For those with allergies, it can be hard to come to terms with the fact that a pet is not an option to have in your home. By feeding backyard birds, you will likely get regular visitors. These birds become like pets to their favorite home owners. Birds are even known to return each spring after migration to nest in the same yards where they grew up.

Birding Benefits


Learning about birds is a fun, challenging aspect to birding. Many expert backyard birders can identify birds by their songs or fly patterns. Start getting to know the species in your region and see if you can identify any of them at your feeders. Once you find favorites, target those species with specific seed blends that they will love. For example, American robins love meal worms, but American goldfinches love Nyjer® seed.

Doing Your Part to Help

As areas are developed and natural land is changed, birds lose their favorite trees and water sources. They will be looking for new homes and sources of food and water. Help the birds in your area as resources deplete by providing food, running water, shelter in the form of shrubs or trees, and nesting materials in the spring time to help the birds stay in the area. You’re making a positive environmental impact by helping the birds.

Pollination (or Ornithophily)

Bees aren’t the only pollinators. When birds pollinate, it is called ornithophily. Some birds, like hummingbirds, help pollinate plants with their fast-flapping wings. Typically, bright-colored flowers with sweet nectar are bird-pollinated because they attract hummingbirds who have a keen sense of sight and are attracted the bright colors.

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