Bird Housing and Environment

Like your home, your bird’s home should be safe, durable, secure, spacious, and attractive!

  • Safe
    The space between the bars should be small enough to prevent injury or escape. The environment around the cage should be free of wires, cords, plants, and other Household Dangers.
  • Durable
    A curious bird with too much time on his wings can become creative and determined; spending hours testing its beak on one area of the cage. It is important that the cage you select is strong enough to stand up this extra attention.

African Gray Parrot

  • Secure
    In many cases, determined curiosity leads to eventual success! (For the bird that is…) Depending on the target of your bird’s attention, successful beak time can mean learning to open a latch on the cage, snapping an unstable bar, or finding that magical secret exit next to a badly positioned food dish. The end result can mean unauthorized and unsafe exploration!
  • Spacious
    Your bird should be able to move freely around its home without bumping its head and wings against side panels, perches, cups, and toys. When Possible, we recommend that you purchase the largest (species appropriate) cage you can afford. This will ensure your birds alone time will be as comfortable as possible. A large Cage is also ideal for making sure your birds gets the recommended amount of exercise and toy time!
    Note: If your home does not have enough space for a large cage, we recommend that you provide your bird with out of cage play time using a floor, hanging, or cage top activity center.
  • Attractive
    Don’t forget that the cage you select will not only be a part of your bird’s life, but also a part of yours. Select a cage that has visual appeal.  You should feel good about displaying the cage in the room your family spends the majority of its time. It is important, to a successful relationship, that your bird be able to interact with its human family as much as possible.

More than just a Cage!

Selecting the right cage for your bird is an important step towards a successful experience in pet ownership. The cage is the place your bird will spend the majority of its time when you are away. It’s also the place your bird will feel safe and protected in times of stress or discomfort. It’s more than just a cage; it’s a “Home” for your feathered family member!