New Pet Cockatiel Checklist

Did you recently add a pet bird to your family?  Congratulations!
Welcoming home a new pet brings both excitement and challenges, and as you prepare your cockatiel’s new home, questions will undoubtedly arise. You may ask yourself:

• How can I create the best possible home for my new bird? 
• What type of food should we feed him/her? 
• Do they play with toys? 

You’ve come to the right place because, with over 150 years of knowledge, the experts at Kaytee know a lot about cockatiels.

We’ll help you make a list of all the items you’ll need to purchase or prepare for your cockatiel to ensure they have a happy, safe home—and that you provide the best pet care you can.

Cockatiel Blog Checklist

#1 Habitats & Stands –   Shop All Pet Bird Habitats and Stands Here  
Cockatiels are social birds that need space to play, so it’s important to choose a habitat that is the appropriate size for your bird. A habitat is a cockatiel’s safe haven because it protects them from other pets and curious kids. Once acclimated, cockatiels will feel safe and comfortable in their habitat.

Pet Parent Tip: Get a stand for your pet bird in addition to their habitat. A stand is a great way for your feathered friend to enjoy time outside their habitat closer to you for social bonding while staying safe and in one place. 

#2 Perches
Shop Bird Perches Here 
Habitats usually come with a perch or two, but adding more creates extra space for your cockatiel to play and explore. 

#3 FoodShop All Bird Food Here  
There are a variety of options when choosing the right food for your pet. 

Optimal Nutrition Food
   Explore premium food like exact, which is fortified for optimal nutrition in every bite and is a favorite among bird enthusiasts.

Gourmet Variety Food
   If you're interested in a food with a variety of seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables, try Fiesta.

Healthy Support Food
   Forti-Diet Pro Health is rich in natural antioxidants and contains pieces to support feather health for vibrant, healthy plumage.

Basic Nutrition
  Supreme is a seed blend with added vitamins and minerals to create a food that provides the basic nutrition your cockatiel needs.

Whichever type you choose, make sure the foods are scientifically designed with the nutrition your cockatiel needs in mind.

#4 Toys – Shop Pet Bird Toys  
Cockatiels, like other pets, need entertainment and enriching activities to maintain a happy life. Toys are a great way to keep your bird happy when you’re not able to entertain them. They love physical activities like ladders and hanging chews, as well as audible toys like bells. 

#5 Treats  - Safe Treats for Your Bird Here 
While not a requirement, treats are a great way to bond with your pet. Developing a relationship with your pet bird can be fun and fulfilling. Treats help to show affection and praise to your cockatiel (within reason, of course!) All treats should be given in moderation since pets have small stomachs.

Pet parent tip: If you want to train your pet, treats are a wonderful option! They can be used in training your bird to whistle, talk, learn its name, and more. Not all cockatiels can talk, but some have been known to say words they learn from their pet parents. 

Whether you’re a new cockatiel parent or you’re just shopping, keep this checklist handy. You’ll soon learn that cockatiels are wonderful companions that make you just as happy as you make them.

 Cockatiel Checklist

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