Pet Guinea Pig Checklist

Guinea pigs are entertaining, loving, and adorable pets, making them great for families with or without children. It is fun to snap cute pictures and give your guinea pig plenty of pets, but it is most important to provide quality care.

However, with the number of products needed to keep your pet happy and healthy, if can become overwhelming. Our Kaytee experts have compiled the ultimate pet guinea pig checklist to help you provide the best home for your pet.

Kaytee New Guinea Pig Checklist

Must Haves:

Habitat – Shop All Habitats 
It is important that your pet has a safe area they can call home. There are a variety of habitats from traditional starter kits to open concept habitats that offer the most living space. Find the best fit for the size of your pet(s) and the area of your home where the habitat will be located.

Bedding – Shop All Bedding Here
Small pet bedding should be placed in the base of your pet’s habitat to absorb liquid, control odor, and create a cozy home. A variety of bedding options are available. For a paper-based bedding, we recommend Kaytee Clean & Cozy paper bedding for your new pet guinea pig. It is super soft and absorbs 6x its weight in liquid, plus, plus, it’s 99.9% dust free for a cleaner habitat and healthier pet. Kaytee® Clean & Cozy™ bedding comes in white, natural, fun colors, and even fresh scents.

Hay – Shop All Hay Here
Hay should be freely fed and served fresh daily. As the cornerstone of your guinea pig’s diet, hay is needed to meet their nutritional needs while supporting digestive and dental health. Kaytee offers a variety of natural hays and grasses including Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay, and Orchard Grass. A selection of hay flavors and textures provides enrichment for a happy and healthy pet.

Food – Shop All Food Here
To ensure your guinea pig’s nutritional needs are met, it is important to provide a pellet or medley food in addition to unlimited hay and fresh water. The all-in-one pellets are fortified to ensure balanced nutrition in every bite and prevent selective eating. Medley foods add enrichment and mental stimulation through a mixture of nutritionally fortified pellets plus other ingredients like fruits or vegetables. Whichever style of food you choose, be sure it includes long lasting Vitamin C.

Food Dish and Water Bottle – Shop Food Dish and Water Bottles
It is important to keep food contained in a dish to avoid contamination with pet droppings or bedding. Consider a food dish and hay feeder to keep food fresh and clean.
Water bottles are essential to provide pets with the water they need. Certain bottles can be too big or too small for pets. Find the right size specific to guinea pigs to ensure your pet can easily drink water whenever they need it. When you mount the water bottle to your guinea pigs habitat, be sure the sipper is low enough for them to reach for a drink. Unlimited daily clean water intake is critical to your guinea pig’s health.


Snacks, Chews, and Toys – Shop all Snacks, Chews, and Toys
Snacks, toys, and chews are available to keep your guinea pig happy and healthy. Snacks are great for establishing a bond and training. However, they are best served in moderation as a special treat.

Did you know your guinea pig’s teeth continually grow? Chews help meet your pet’s natural instinct to gnaw and trim their teeth. Essential to dental health, it is important to provide different types of chews to assist with trimming, chewing, and flossing their ever-growing teeth.
Toys are great for engaging with your guinea pig, providing enrichment, and preventing boredom. Offer a variety of toys to keep your small pet occupied.


Remember to Use This Checklist When Shopping for your New Pet Guinea Pig!