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New Pet Guinea Pig Checklist

Kaytee New Pet Guinea Pig Checklist

So you’re about to become a pet parent to a guinea pig, Congratulations! When getting a new pet, it’s fun to pick out a name and snap cute pictures, but it is most important to provide quality care to your new animal. Guinea pigs are entertaining, loving, and adorable pets, making them great for families with or without children.

Bringing a new pet home can be exciting and overwhelming with the amount of products you will need. Our Kaytee experts have compiled the ultimate new pet checklist to help you provide the best home for your new guinea pig. All that you need for a guinea pig can be found in our Kaytee Complete Kit, but if you want to customize your pet’s habitat and spoil them with love, check out all the great stuff you’ll need!

Kaytee Guinea Pig Checklist

Must Haves:

Habitat Shop All Habitats Here
It is important that your pet has a safe area they can call home. There are a variety of habitats that have a single level or multiple levels. Find what fits best for the size of your pet and the area of your home where the habitat will be located. If you want flexibility in where you pet’s home is, consider purchasing a habitat with wheels for easy moving!

BeddingShop All Bedding Here
We recommend Kaytee Clean & Cozy paper bedding for your new pet guinea pig. Clean & Cozy bedding is super soft and absorbs two times more liquid than wood shavings. Plus, it’s 99.9% dust free for a cleaner cage and healthier pet. If paper bedding is not right for you, you can choose Aspen or Pine wood shavings for your guinea pig’s habitat.

Water Bottle Shop All Water Bottles Here
Water bottles are essential to provide pets with the water they need. Certain bottles can be too big or too small for pets. Find the right size specific to guinea pigs to ensure your pet can easily drink water whenever they need it. When you mount the water bottle to your guinea pigs habitat, be sure the sipper is low enough for them to reach for a drink.

Food Shop All Food Here
Explore the many types of food that provide a complete diet for guinea pigs. Whether you provide your guinea pig with a healthy support diet (Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health), gourmet variety diet (Kaytee Fiesta) or a Premium Timothy Fiber Diet (Kaytee Timothy Complete), our products will keep your pet happy and healthy. Whichever diet you choose, we’ve made sure they contain the Vitamin C your pet needs.

Food DishShop All Food Dishes Here
Keep food contained in a dish to avoid contamination with droppings or bedding. There are dishes available for food and hay. 

Treats, Chews, and Toys – Shop all Treats, Chews, and Toys
Treats, toys, and chews are available for guinea pigs to keep your pet happy. Some animals have favorite treats, which can be used for litter training or for establishing a bond. Remember that these animals have small stomachs, and should be given treats in moderation. Toys and chews can provide entertainment to your piggies, but also support dental health. Chews help keep teeth trim, which is critical for the animal to be able to eat properly. 


Remember to Use This Checklist When Shopping for your New Pet Guinea Pig!

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