Types of Small Animal Treats

 Snack Options for your Small Animal

With so many different snack options available, how do you choose what one to provide your small animal? Each snack offering provides a different benefit towards your pet’s well-being. From snacks that provide enrichment and mental stimulation to snacks that support dental health, Kaytee offers a variety of options to ensure your pet’s needs are covered. 

Snacks and Treats for Bonding and Training

When it comes to bonding or training with your small pet, a small tasty reward is a great incentive. Kaytee offers a variety of small, flavorful treat options. Kaytee® Mixed Berry Yo Chips are nutritious and creamy fruit flavored yogurt pieces that can be offered as a reward. Papaya Healthy Toppings by Kaytee® are a small, bite sized pieces of real, dried papaya to make for a nutritious snack that is great for bonding and playtime. For a nut, seed, and fruit option, try Kaytee® Healthy Bits®. This snack conveniently combines your pet’s favorite flavors into a small, crunchy morsel that can be fed by hand to bond and train or placed in your pet’s treat dish.  By offering your small animal a tasty treat, you will be able to gain your pets trust and form a bond. However, be sure to offer treats in moderation! Small animals have sensitive digestive systems so it is important to monitor their sugar intake. 

Variety and Enrichment

To satisfy your small animal’s natural instinct to forage, it is important to offer snack options that provide variety and enrichment. Kaytee® Food from the Wild™ Natural Snack combines a limited number of real, whole ingredients for a healthy treat medley. For a convenient snack, consider Kaytee treat sticks which add taste and texture variety so your pet can experience several flavors as they chew. The Kaytee® Treat Stick with Superfoods adds a nutritious punch of spinach and kale or flax and strawberry for added Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Fiber, and Omega 3. Another option to consider is Kaytee Yo Cups, which feature a smooth, fruit flavored yogurt center surrounded by a variety of fruit, seeds, and grains to offer a tasty and flavorful snack option your pet will crave. Providing your small animal a variety of snacks helps promote mental and physical stimulation to keep your pet engaged. 

Dental Health

Most small animals have teeth that continually grow so it’s important to provide snacks and chew toys to help keep their teeth trim and clean. Kaytee offers several healthy snack options with different textures to help your small pet chew and trim their teeth.  Kaytee® Timothy Biscuits with Apple or Carrot are made with high fiber Timothy Hay and real apples or carrots to provide nutritious tooth conditioning. Timothy Biscuits are bite-size making them great for bonding and playtime. Made with Timothy Hay, these triangular shaped chips help support digestive health by encouraging natural chewing activity. Kaytee® Roll ‘n’ Toss snack is another great way to keep your small animal active while supporting their dental health. Roll ‘n’ Toss is a 100% edible toy and snack combination your small animal can chew on for hours with an outer layer of Timothy Hay and a reward of grains and vegetables in the middle. Kaytee offers a variety of snacks to help keep your small pet’s teeth trim and healthy. 


Snacks can do more than just provide a tasty offering to your pet’s diet. Kaytee offers snacks to support bonding and training, variety and enrichment for mental stimulation, and dental health benefits. Whatever need you are looking to satisfy for your small pet, Kaytee has you covered. Let Kaytee, a veterinarian-recommended brand, be the cornerstone in your pet’s happy, healthy life.