How to Liberty Train your Pet Rabbit

 Rabbits are great household pets that can be trained to use a litter pan just like a cat. To give your pet rabbit the freedom to roam and play outside their cage and into your home, consider liberty training. In essence, liberty training is another term for “Housebreaking”. While this procedure is a little more involved, it is just as simple as litter pan training in the cage. 

Kaytee Pet Rabbit Liberty Training Tips

So how do you liberty train your rabbit? Follow the steps below to successfully train your rabbit for fun and safely experience outside cage time: 

  1. Get your rabbit accustomed to using his or her litter pan while in the habitat. 
  2. Using 1-2 litter pans such as the Kaytee® Hi-Corner Litter Pan, place them in appropriate locations of the room or inside an open-door habitat like Kaytee® Open Living habitat™. Fill the litter pans with the pet safe litter of your choice. Kaytee offers several options such as Critter Litter or Wood Pellets which both make excellent, odor absorbent litter pan litters. 
  3. After litter pans are places in the room and/or open-door habitat, supervise your rabbit has he or she examines and explores the area(s). Carefully watch your pet to pick up on specific behavior they exhibit just prior to elimination. 
  4. When the pre-potty behavior is identified, use this to remind and redirect your rabbit to the litter pan. In some cases, your rabbit will immediately recognize and use the litter pan, in others, it may take several reminders to create the habit.
  5. Once you trust your pet rabbit to use a litter pan, begin allowing him or her to freely roam a portion of your home. It could be a bedroom or even just a hallway. Cover or remove any potential hazards such as electrical wires, drapery, cords and hiding places inside vents and furniture. 
  6. After you can trust your rabbit in a portion of your house, you can begin allowing them to roam even more areas of your home. These curious animals are notorious for chewing, so it is important to remember to always keep your home “pet-proof”.

A rabbit trained to freely roam your home makes him or her an even greater part of the family. The play time outside a habitat is a fun and healthy way for pets and pet owners to bond and have some fun. Try teaching your rabbit a new trick or interact with him/her using an interactive toy such as the Kaytee® Crinkle Tunnel.  

Liberty training your rabbit is an incredibly rewarding accomplishment! Be proud of yourself and enjoy this special time with your rabbit <3