How to Form a Bond with your Pet Bird

Pet birds make great companions. They are full of personality and offer loyal friendship if raised and cared for properly. Some birds are easy to connect with right off the bat, while others may take some time to warm up. You have a new pet bird and you want to form a bond with this new animal. Use these tips and tricks to start forming a bond with your pet bird for a friendship that will last. 

Keep your Voice Low and Inviting

Soft speech is important when meeting your new pet bird. This will help keep the bird calm and relaxed. Loud noises could scare your bird and cause them to retreat from you. If your voice is calm and inviting, your bird will likely listen intently with curiosity as you speak to it.

Take it Slow

Sudden motions can also startle your bird. Make slower movements and create a calm environment to make your bird feel safe. Starting off with a scare can make it harder to connect with your bird if they feel threatened, scared, or irritated.

Offer Their Favorite Treat

Food usually does the trick. Offer your bird their favorite treat, like fruit, a vegetable, or breed-specific treats like Kaytee Superfood Treat Sticks. Birds love tasty treats, and if you’re the one who gives them the treat, they will see you as a friend. It never hurts to bribe your new feathered friend a bit to help them understand that you’re friendly! Please note, it’s important to keep a healthy diet for your bird. Don’t feed too many treats to any pet.

Offer Them Comfort

When bonding with your bird, it is important to take them out of their habitat. This out-of-habitat time is enriching and provides stimuli they need to be happy and healthy. While they are out of their cage exploring, try to take them into another room away from their habitat, so if they have the desire to take refuge in their safe home, they will likely retreat to you instead of their habitat. They see their home/cage as a safe space, but it’s important that you bring them comfort as well. This positions you as safe space, creating a connection with your pet.

Socialize with Your Bird

Birds are smart animals. They remember interactions with humans, and if you adopted a rescue animal, they might have had a negative experience with past owners. Help them warm up to you by slowly socializing your bird. If they seem nervous when you come to their cage, take a few minutes a day to sit by their habitat, talk to them, or simply spend time with them. They can pick up on energy and words that you and your family say. Gradually spend more and more time by your birds until they are comfortable in your presence. Before you know it, you’ll likely be able to hang out with your feathered friend for long periods of time.

Bonding with Pet Birds

Play with Your bird 

Offer them enriching activities to create a connection through fun time together. Offer toys in their habitat, but leave the habitat unlocked and open as an optional safe, fun space. Play music at a low volume or sing to your bird. While it sounds a bit odd, birds respond well to music and familiar songs. Some pet birds even like to dance to their favorite beats. Try making out-of-habitat time a bonding experience by carrying them around on your shoulder. Spending quality play time with your pet will help you form a friendship built on safety, trust, and comfort. 

Be Patient

Animals need some time to get used to their owners and new surroundings. Be very patient as your pet acclimates to their new home. 

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