Best Pet Hamster Names For Your Furry Friend

The ultra-cute round eyes, tiny finger-like paws, and furry nub tails on hamsters are squeal-worthy. And, so lovable! These and other adorable features are reflected often in pet hamster names. Hamster parents also look to the circus-like agility and childlike play habits of these active pets for naming inspiration. Or, you can focus on the pet's color! If a little one is in charge of giving the new pet a name, they'll likely be inspired by a favorite cartoon character or movie. See, there are lots of ways to come up with the perfect name for a hamster.

25 Best Hamster Names 

Spend time playing together to learn more about the pet's personality and features, and you're sure to land on the perfect pet hamster name. In the meantime, consider one of these charming monikers.

  1. Bandit: This name is excellent for a hamster with a dark fur mask
    over her face.
  2. Bear: Is your pet extra round and fluffy? Bear, it is!
  3. Blondie: Try this name for a lighter-colored hamster in hues of
    white, tan or caramel.
  4. Cinnamon: This spicy name suits a pet with a light-colored coat
    speckled with little brown dots. 
  5. Cupcake: Name the sweetest pet ever after your favorite dessert.
  6. Dora: This name is for a pet that likes to... explore!
  7. Fudge: Use this name for a darker brown or black hamster that's
    extra sweet.
  8. Hamtaro: Name your big-eared pet after the famous Japanese
    storybook hamster.
  9. Hershey: This is a popular hamster name for a brown-colored pet in
    a chocolate-loving family.
  10. Houdini: Is your pet an expert at getting through mazes you set up
    for him?
  11. Marshmallow: If your hamster is all white, this sweet treat name is
  12. Mocha: Try this name for a brown and black hamster that resembles
    coffee colors.
  13. Nibbles: Is your hammie's favorite pastime chewing treats he holds
    in his little paws?
  14. Nugget: Did you pick out a teeny, tiny pet with stubby legs and
  15. Panda: Go for this popular bear name for a black and white hamster
    with lots of fluff.
  16. Patches: If your pet is multi-colored, or only has one eye, this name
    suits him well.
  17. Peaches: This is perfect for an orange-y colored pet with a button
    pink nose!
  18. Pearl: Use this gem of a name for a quiet, white or light caramelcolored
  19. Peppa: Try this for the hamster that looks a bit like a miniature pig
    with a pink stout nose and pink paws.
  20. Pip Squeak: Does your hamster make cute little squeaking noises?
  21. Rhino: Does your hamster have huge adoring eyes, big front teeth
    and you love the children's movie Bolt? 
  22. Tinkerbell: Consider this name for dwarf or extra small golden
  23. Tootsie: Name your brown hamster after this beloved candy.
  24. Whiskers: Are the pet's whiskers super long and cute?
  25. Wiggles: Does your pet squirm his way through your hands?

The excitement of adding a new pet hamster to the family is amplified when you start to set up his new home, discover his favorite treats -- and of course, choose a name! Enjoy the process and don't rush. Make a list of potential pet hamster names as you get to know the new furry family member and think on them for a few days. When you land on the perfect name, you'll know!


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