General Care for Small Animals

Small Animal General Care

The right small animal diet, a clean and dry habitat, fresh food and water, safe toys, and attention every day are important elements that will make your small animal happy and healthy.

How often you clean your animal's cage depends on the cage size and the number of animals living in the cage. About once each week, remove all bedding and wash the cage with a mild soap solution. Rinse the cage with clean water to remove all soap residue. Always replace the old bedding with fresh bedding. A dirty cage could result in your pet developing respiratory problems due to ammonia build up in the cage caused by urine.

Hamster with Carrot

Small Animal Diet and Treats

In their natural habitats, small mammals may eat a wide variety of foods, foraging to meet their needs. Most small mammals are herbivores (eating only plants), although a few are omnivores (eating animals and plants). As companions, they have the same nutritional needs, which you can meet by providing one of Kaytee’s daily diets such as Food from the Wild, Timothy Complete, or many others. 

In addition to their daily diet, it is also important to provide additional dietary supplements such as timothy hay, dark leafy greens, vegetables and fruit. The requirements vary by species, so be sure to do some research. Find out more about Kaytee products.

Small Animal Interaction and Socialization

The more time you spend with your small animal pet, the more social it will become. Be sure the time spent is quality time, and the animal is being handled gently and with slow movements and love. One fun way to bond is to teach them a trick. Some small animals can even be taught to respond to their name or even do a twirl. One fun way to bond is to teach them a trick. Some small animals can even be taught to respond to their name or even do a twirl.  

Kaytee Open Living Habitat

Small Animal Habitats and Health

The proper habitat for a small animal will differ depending on the animal. From chinchillas to rabbits to rats, Kaytee has the right habitats for your furry friend. See all of the Kaytee products here. Whichever habitat you choose, be sure to also provide your pet plenty of loving attention and healthy activity. 

It's very important to bring your small animal pet to a veterinarian for an annual check-up. Some will need annual vaccinations, such as rabbits and ferrets. Doing some homework is recommended before purchasing a small mammal as a pet.