5 Ways To Escape The Heat With Your Pet This Summer

With school out for summer and more family time on the horizon, now is when you can escape the heat and bring every member together, including your small pets. Here are 5 ways to stay entertained and continue bonding with your pet, without overheating this summer: 

  1. DIY Toys For Your Pet: Toys are important for small animals in that they can provide mental stimulation, physical activity, and can even support dental health. There are several different toy options available, so try mixing it up and using items you have around the house to create a special treat will provide some fun both you and your pet. One fun idea is this plastic ball with carrots inserted from SpiffyPetProducts.com Pinterest page. This simple trick makes a great holder for a rabbit favorite—carrots! Watch them use their nose to move around the ball and nibble at the carrots. Just be sure to supervise your pet to keep them from chewing the plastic ball.  For those who are extra inspired, create your own ideas and share them online! Always make sure to keep safety first, and the animals health in mind. 
  2. Decorate Your Pet's Home: Adding colored bedding or decorating the outside of their habitat can make all the difference in bringing new life to their home. With holidays to celebrate and fresh blooms outside, it’s the perfect time for your pet home remodel. This can also be a great way to get the kids involved. Getting them excited about designing the home can encourage them to clean and help with everyday animal chores.  Create name tags, signs, landscapes, and more out of construction paper, but just be sure to keep it out of the pets reach so they don’t chew on it. You an also try coordinating the bedding color with your favorite sports team. It’s a great way to get your pet in the spirit!
  3. Have a Photoshoot: This is an easy activity because accessories are optional and a cell phone or camera is always nearby. Make the most of the day and have a photoshoot! There are endless possibilities for this, and it will be a great way to look back on some happy memories. This is also a great option for fun family competition. See who can snap the best photo! Gather inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and let your creatives juices flow. 

Kaytee Photoshoot Bunny Blog Post

4. Safely Play Outdoors: One of the best ways to mentally stimulate your pet is to change up their surroundings. That’s why Kaytee created habitats that are easy to move and provide an open environment for your pet to “roam” safely. Check out more tips for outdoor play on this post. Make sure to keep the habitat in the shade and do not do this activity if temperatures exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit 
5. Play Hide and Seek: Foraging and finding keeps your pet mentally and physically interested as these activities come natural to them in the wild. Playing a game with the family helps you bond with your pet along the way. Try hiding fresh veggies in your hay pile or place treats around their habitat to encourage foraging behavior (plus, it’s fun to watch!).  Having the kids hide the food (with supervision) is a great way to get the family involved and interested in your small animal. 
Whichever activities you plan with the whole family, they are bound to inspire more ideas and create memories this summer. Try them all and share your favorites with us on Facebook and Instagram.