7 Benefits of Clean & Cozy Pet Bedding

You want to provide the best home for your small animal. Bedding is an essential piece of their habitat to keep pets comfortable and clean. You're faced with the choice between paper, granule, or wood. Clean & Cozy bedding is one of many options available for your pets like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, chinchillas or ferrets. Why is this paper bedding one of the best options? It is safe and comfortable for your pet and solves so many common annoyances faced by pet parents like odor or dust, to name a few. 

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding

Read below the 7 Benefits of using Clean & Cozy Bedding for the loved pet in your life. 

Pet Safe

Kaytee creates safe products for your pets. Our knowledgeable staff knows the best practices and products for pets. We have high standards for all our products, which means Clean & Cozy is a safe option for your pet to snuggle up in every day. Our paper sourcing process is key to the safety of our products. Learn more about the safe paper process in this video.


Your pet will love the softness of this paper bedding. Since bedding covers nearly their entire home, it is important that they feel comfortable. Pets will want to snuggle and explore their habitat without feeling irritating textures or harsh paper material. This soft bedding made from recycled paper trimmings is a great option to keep a lush, fluffy habitat for your furry friend. Check this video for a look into the softness of this bedding.


Great for Burrowing

Pets like hamsters have a natural instinct to burrow. The texture of Clean & Cozy bedding is great for burrowing since it is fluffy and soft. Pets will burrow deep in the bedding to get comfortable.

Super Absorbent

Clean & Cozy paper bedding absorbs 6x its weight in liquid. This means there are fewer messes and moisture in your pet’s habitat. One bag can go a long way because it expands to three times its size when out of the package. Your pet will be drier and comfortable in its home as the bedding does what it’s designed to do. Watch as our experts demonstrate the absorbency of Clean & Cozy in this video. 

99.9% Dust Free

Paper bedding has gotten a reputation for being dusty. Clean & Cozy bedding is 99.9% dust free, which is better for your pet’s respiratory system. Keep your pets breathing easily while they are in their comfortable habitat. You can see the difference our dust-free bedding makes in this video.

Fun Colors

Clean & Cozy comes in the classic white color or natural brown color. But it also comes in all sorts of fun colors like Purple, multicolored Birthday Cake, Blue, Apple Spice, and more. Custom-create your pet’s habitat with your favorite colors, knowing they are safe and comfortable. Explore all the Clean & Cozy bedding options available in this video.

Natural Fragrances and Odor Control

The natural fragrances in Clean & Cozy bedding help provide a clean-smelling environment for you and your pet. They also help eliminate unwanted odors from your pets. Clean & Cozy comes in unscented as well as natural scents like lavender and apple spice.
For a fragrance free bedding with superior odor control qualities, try Kaytee® Extreme Odor Control. This bedding provides up to 14 days of odor control, or your money back. 

Now that you know Clean & Cozy provides everything your pet needs, the hardest part is picking which option to get! 


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