Your New Small Animal

So you decided to make a small addition to the family. Now what?

Like all pets, small animals require specific care based on their species. It is very important to research your small animal and learn as much information as you can about their species. This will help you to understand exactly what you need to do to keep your new friend happy and healthy in your home.

First things first, make sure you have the proper housing or living space needed for your small animal to live. It is important that your pet has enough room to maintain a happy life. If you are unsure what kind of living space is needed for your animal, consult your local vet or pet store. Please also remember that most rodents and small animals have the natural instinct to chew. It is important that they remain in the proper living space to avoid chewing on electric cords and furniture in your home.

Next it is important to make sure you have the correct bedding, food, and of course treats for your pet. Some small animals have very specific diets. Kaytee foods are formulated with your pets health in mind and offer a variety of quality foods and treats.

Regardless of what kind of small animal you have decided on, it is very important to begin interacting with your pet right away. The human/animal interaction will help to form a bond between you and your animal. Handling your small animal right from the beginning will also help to reduce incidents of biting or aggression and help tame your pet. If your small animal does bite, gloves can be worn during this process until your pet is used to being held and stops biting. For more information on how to bond with your new pet, check out our blog on How To Bond With Your Small Animal.

Oh and of course you want to give your pet a name!

Congratulations on your new pet.