Learn about Wild Birds

Learn about birding activities, bird shapes, and other wild bird facts.
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  • Bird Behavior

    Watching bird behavior can be one of the most rewarding past times. Not only does it help with identification but it also teaches the natural history of the bird.

  • Bird Watching

    A fun aspect of feeding birds is learning what wild birds are visiting your backyard habitat. Identifying wild birds can be rewarding and exciting for you and your kids.

  • Bird Identification By Color

    Color is an important clue to use when learning to identify birds.

  • Ultimate Birder's Gift Guide

    Delight the birder in your life with any of these thoughtful gifts. From documentaries to annual memberships, these present ideas are sure to please any birder.

  • Can Birds See Color?

    Can birds see color themselves? Indeed they can, and far more elaborately than the simple rainbow of hues humans see.

  • 10 Common Backyard Birding Mistakes¬†

    Attracting birds to your yard can be entertaining and fun, but common mistakes can prevent birds from coming to your feeders.

  • DIY Holiday Wreath Bird Feeder

    This holiday wreath bird feeder is a great gift option for the bird watcher in your life, or you can keep it for yourself and feed the birds in your yard.

  • How Birds Stay Warm in Winter

    The temperatures are dropping, the winds have changed direction, and the first flakes of snow are falling.