Target Training

Parrots like to touch things with their beaks. You can use this natural behavior to teach them tricks or desired behaviors (like getting them into a travel cage to visit the vet). Training involves teaching your Parrot to touch a stick (like a chopstick) with their beak.

  1. Offer your Parrot a Kaytee treat to let them know you have delicious treats. Tip: Use the same hand consistently when offering treats.
  2. Use your other hand to slowly present the target stick from slightly below and in front of your Parrot.
  3. When your Parrot touches the tip of the stick, say "good" and offer them a treat.
  4. Repeat this several times.
  5. Begin presenting the target stick a few inches farther away from your Parrot. Let your Parrot move their body towards the stick and touch it. When they succeed, say "good" and offer a treat.
  6. Increase the distance your Parrot moves to touch the target.

Congratulations! Your Parrot has learned to target! You now have a way to easily guide your Parrot to desired destinations.