Spin (or Turn Around)

This is a fun behavior to train after your Parrot has learned how to target. (Visit Kaytee.com to train your Parrot to target using Kaytee treats.)

To teach this behavior, use a perch that allows you to move your hand freely underneath it.

  1. Start with your Parrot facing you on the perch. Give your Parrot a Kaytee treat from your fingers.
  2. Start moving the treat in a circle under the perch. Move the treat slowly enough that your Parrot's head remains focused on the treat and moves in sync with your hand.
  3. After your Parrot has turned their body 1/4 of a turn, give your Parrot the treat. Repeat this a few times.
  4. Next, try moving your hand in a full circle underneath the perch. When your Parrot follows your hand and makes the complete circle, say "good," and give them the treat.
  5. Once your Parrot understands to spin the entire circle before they get the treat, gradually reduce the circular movement of your treat hand. 
  6. You can also start hiding the treat in your closed fist and turning the movement of your fist into a tiny circle. You can also add a word like "spin." This will become your cue (or signal) to your Parrot to turn in a circle.

Congratulations! You've trained your Parrot to spin in a circle on cue!

If your Parrot knows how to target, you can also use your target stick to train this behavior.