Get on a Scale

Weighing your Parrot can be very important for monitoring their health. You can train your Parrot to voluntarily step onto a scale using Kaytee treats.

  1. First, you need a scale suitable for weighing your Parrot. Look for one that weighs in increments of 1 gm and is sturdy. It may need to be modified slightly for your Parrot (e.g., you may need to add a small rubber mat for traction or a portable perch).
  2. Training on a table or countertop will be more comfortable for your bird.
  3. Place the scale in a corner of the table, leaving the rest as space for your bird to practice moving toward the scale. 
  4. Place a trail of Kaytee treats leading towards the scale and add extra treats on the scale.
  5. Let your bird practice approaching to eat the treats and walking away. Repeat this until you notice your bird spending more time waiting near the scale and less time walking away.
  6. Now, start offering a Kaytee treat from your hand near the scale. When your bird reaches towards the treat with their beak, say "good," and give them the treat.
  7. Repeat this and wait for your bird to lean towards the scale before giving the treat.
  8. For the next step, wait for your bird to place a foot on the scale before giving the treat.
  9. In the next repetition, wait for your bird to place both feet on the scale before giving the treat. Repeat this step several times.
  10. You can also start to hide the treat in your fist and begin to point your index finger towards the scale. You can also add the word "scale."

Congratulations! You've trained your Parrot to go to a scale on cue!

If your Parrot knows how to target, you can also use your target stick to train this behavior.

Visit for instructions on more fun activities you can do with your Parrot using Kaytee treats.