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Should You Get a Pet for Easter?

Should You Get a Pet for Easter

Should you get a pet for Easter? Long answer short: No.
Getting a pet is a big responsibility because of its unique care, the cost, and many other factors that new pet parents don’t always consider.

We've put together some information on the benefits of pet ownership and what you should consider before adopting any sort of pet, especially a small animal, a pet bird, or chickens.

Easter is fun because it falls during peak spring time. The season comes to life as new baby animals are born, like chicks, bunnies, and other cute pets. The family usually gets together for the day with fun activities like a brunch, an egg hunt, or meeting the Easter bunny. While real bunnies are probably one of the cutest things in the world, they are not for everyone. A spontaneous decision to include a new, fluffy friend in an Easter basket, or as an Easter surprise might seem harmless, but there are serious things to consider before making the decision to become a pet parent.

Here are the top things to think through before deciding if you should get a pet ever, not just around a holiday.

Who Will Be the Main Caregiver

Consider if your family is ready for a pet by thinking about who is going to have the time, patience, and knowledge to care for a pet. This person will need to be responsible for daily pet care activities like feeding, providing water, cleaning the habitat, providing enriching out-of-habitat time, among other things. This caregiver will also need to keep track of the vet visit schedule, grooming appointments to keep nails and beaks trimmed, changes in behavior for health reasons, and more. Because of these extensive responsibilities, depending on the type of pet, kids who are young enough to be searching for their Easter basket will likely need help from their parents to take on the responsibilities of the proper care for their new pet.

If you think you are, or someone in your family is, ready for this kind of responsibility, the next step is determining what kind of pet fits best with your lifestyle.  

What Type of Pet is the Best Fit

First, decide if your family is ready for a pet bird, a small animal, or chickens.

Pet birds are entertaining, unique, and provide enriching companionship. Each species is different, but many birds have a longer life span than the typical pet, for example, African Greys can live approximately up to 50 or 60 years. Keep in mind the unique care that is required for each species. They need diverse amounts of attention and space, and they have different levels of interaction and the noises they make. Use this guide to determine what bird is right for you.

Small animals like bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, and mice are all fun, unique pets. There are many factors that should be considered for each species, such as life span, space needed, attention needed, activity levels, and environment required. Use our guide for choosing the right small animal to help you decide what pet fits with your family.

The cute chicks at the hardware store during Easter season are very adorable, but they grow up to be chickens and roosters that require unique care and plenty of outdoor space. There are many factors to consider, like city restrictions on what type and how many backyard chickens residents can have. If you think keeping chickens is the right fit for you, check out our guide full of tips on how to care for backyard chickens.

Prepare Everything Your Pet Needs Before You Get the Pet

Stock up on supplies for your pet so when they arrive home, you have a safe, clean habitat that they can call home ready and waiting. Especially if you’re a new pet parent, you’ll need everything from the habitat and litter, to water bottle or dish, and species-specific food and treats. To make it easy for new pet parents, we have pet checklists that name each product needed when bringing home your new pet. Find a store near you that carries the pet products you’ll need. Get familiar with the store as you’ll likely become a regular as you’ll soon be spoiling your pet. Spend some time reading through other resources like the general care guides of your pet to help prepare your home and better understand the care they will need.

Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, and remember to really consider all the factors surrounding a new pet before making an impromptu decision to introduce a new member of the family.

If you have done your research and decided on making the commitment to becoming a pet parent, follow us on social media and visit our blog for care tips, helpful pet parent advice, and new products your pets will love.

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