Why is there such a difference in the color and/or appearance of the Timothy Hay?

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Gastrointestinal disease caused by low fiber intake is one of the most common feeding problems of house rabbits. The rabbit digestive tract is among the most delicate and sensitive of any animal. They have a simple stomach like most pets, but are hindgut fermenters, with a specialized cecum which breaks down indigestible fiber into fatty acids, an important energy source. This adaptation for fiber must be recognized and accounted for in the rabbit's diet.

Kaytee Food From The Wild and Kaytee Timothy Complete offer pet rabbits a good source of high quality fiber in the form of a hay based pellet. One concern with a pelleted diet however, is that some rabbits over consume the pellets leading to obesity. For this reason, quantities of pellets should be limited based on the rabbit's weight. In the past, people fed alfalfa hay as an adjunct to the diet, providing it free choice. Unfortunately, this alfalfa hay is also high in calcium and protein, which in some rabbits leads to urinary problems, such as cloudy urine (due to the excess calcium carbonate being excreted in the urine).

Researchers at the Kaytee Avian Research Center studied the many forages available and found a superior alternative to alfalfa hay for pet rabbits. Kaytee Timothy Hay is a low energy and high fiber forage (higher than alfalfa), which is low in calcium (nearly 1/3 as much) and low in protein (1/2 less) as compared to alfalfa. These qualities allow this hay to be fed free choice to rabbits without concern for urinary, energy or obesity problems. It is a good, high quality hay (no preservatives or additives) that will aid the natural digestive process of pet rabbits.

Alfalfa hay is best given to pregnant or lactating does and young rabbits. Mature, non-producing rabbits should always be given timothy hay. Provide Kaytee Timothy Hay in a feed hopper, bin or loose for rabbits to consume free choice daily. The amount offered will vary with the size of the animal. Other small mammals and birds can also benefit from timothy hay as a fiber source, chewing material to discourage hairballs, and as a nesting material. To complete the diet, feed Kaytee fortified rabbit food daily in a separate container and supply clean, fresh water at all times. Kaytee Timothy Complete for Pet Rabbits provides an excellent source of high quality fiber in a pelleted form. 

Timothy Hay is also a necessary supplement for guinea pigs and chinchillas. Offer the Timothy Hay along with Food From The Wild, Timothy Complete, Fiesta, or Forti Diet Pro Health that are specifically formulated for your small animal. Kaytee Timothy Complete™ a pelleted daily diet made with nutritious sun-cured Timothy Hay combined with other essential ingredients necessary is available for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas.

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Hay and grasses such as Timothy, Brome, Alfalfa, etc. are naturally grown, sun dried, and harvested. The weather, growing, and harvesting conditions of hay and grasses each year can affect the crop's color and quality. Storage conditions can also affect the color. Hay can be packaged with a beautiful green color however if the product is stored in a lighted area it will begin to turn brown. This does not mean it has lost its nutritional value. It is also possible a bag may include some brownish leaves, again this is not unusual and does not affect the nutritional value of the product.