New Pet Rabbit Checklist

Congratulations on your New Pet Rabbit!

Having a new pet can be exciting and confusing, so we are here to help. You want to provide the best care possible for your small animal, which is why our experts have compiled this list of must-haves for your new pet. Rabbits are unique animals that require specific care from their pet parents. Everything from food to habitats should be purchased for your pet rabbit’s specific needs. Larger rabbits will have different needs than dwarf rabbits, and long hair rabbits will need different care than short hair rabbits. 

A great place to get started is with our new pet checklist for your pet rabbit. All that you need to begin caring for your pet rabbit can be found in our My First Home Rabbit Starter Kit, and because you also want to provide your rabbit with entertainment, the best nutrition, and an enriching life, check out these products below your pet will love.  

Must Haves:

Shop All Habitats Here 
Rabbits should have a safe and secure habitat away from direct sunlight and drafts. It is important your habitat has enough room for your rabbit to eat, sleep, and play. Rabbits love extra room to roam so they will benefit from a play yard that is safe and a secure exercise area. Consider connecting multiple Kaytee® Open Living™ habitats to increase your pet’s living area. Your rabbit’s habitat should be cleaned at least once a week. 

If choosing to allow your rabbit to freely roam your home, it is important to pet-proof your home and to ensure he or she is litter trained. For more information on liberty training, check out our blog.

Bedding Shop All Bedding Here
Small pet bedding should be placed in the base of your pet’s habitat to absorb liquid, control odor, and create a cozy home. A variety of bedding options are available. For a paper-based bedding, we recommend Kaytee Clean & Cozy paper bedding for your new pet rabbit. It is super soft and absorbs 6x its weight in liquid, plus, plus, it’s 99.9% dust-free for a cleaner habitat and healthier pet. Kaytee® Clean & Cozy™ bedding comes in white, natural, fun colors, and even fresh scents.

For the perfect litter for your rabbit’s litter pan, consider Kaytee Critter Litter. Made of 100% bentonite and safe for your pet, this litter absorbs moisture and controls odor. 

Water BottleShop All Water Bottles Here
Water bottles are essential to provide rabbits with the proper hydration. Make sure you get the right size for your rabbit. Your pet should be able to easily drink out of it without having to extend too high or climb onto something to reach the water bottle. They will need to drink water many times a day to stay healthy and hydrated.

Pet Parent Tip: Always make sure your pet rabbit’s water bottle has clean, fresh water. Change water daily. When in a habitat, your pet’s only water resource is you!

Food Shop All Food Here
Hay and a fortified food are essential parts of your pet rabbit’s diet. 

Choose a pellet or medley diet specific to your animal's breed. For a medley option inspired by your pets natural feeding habits, try Kaytee® Food From The Wild.  This food includes a medley of pellets and whole ingredients to meet the unique dietary needs of your pet rabbit. guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, and hamsters. For a pellet option, made with timothy hay, try Kaytee® Timothy Complete. This  high fiber food is made with nutritious hand-selected Timothy Hay and essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for your Rabbit.

It is important to offer your pet rabbit endless amounts of fiber-rich timothy hay daily. The high fiber supports digestive health, and the firm texture helps support dental health.

To provide extra happiness to your pet rabbit, offer him or her an occasional treat such as raw berries or leafy greens. To avoid excess sugar intake, be sure all treats are in moderation.

Food DishShop All Food Dishes Here 
As rabbits move around their habitat, food can become contaminated with droppings or bedding. It is best to keep food contained in a dish. There are food dishes for pellets and food pieces. For hay, try using a manger, hay buffet feeder, or rolling hay feeder. These hay holders help keep the many pieces in place as animals feed. If looking for something to hold both food and hay, try using the Kaytee® Hay & Food Bin Feeder  that features separate compartments for each. It also features carabiner clips to securely attach the feeder to your pets habitat to avoid any tipping. 

Treats, Chews, and ToysShop All Treats, Chews, and Toys Here
Animals need entertainment and enrichment throughout the day. Toys and chews for rabbits are a great way to keep your pet rabbit happy. It is important to provide love and attention to your pet often, but while you’re away, chews and toys can make your pet very happy as well.

Not only do chews provide entertainment to your new pet, they are also important for pet dental health. Keeping teeth trim is essential for animals to be able to properly eat. Chews are a safe way for animals to keep their teeth trim while having some fun, too! 

Treats can be used to train pets or create a pet parent and pet bond. Please note that small animals have little stomachs so treats should be given in moderation.

Pet parent tip: You can create entertainment and fun for your pet by doing some DIY treats. For example, freeze their favorite treats in ice cube trays over the summer as a way to keep rabbits entertained and cool during hot months. Or, hang your rabbit's favorite chew and a treat in a kabob to keep them entertained while you’re away at work.


Remember to use this Checklist when Shopping for your New Pet Rabbit!