How to Bond With Your Rabbit During Everyday Activities

When your BFF (that's Bunny Friend Forever) has long adorable ears that crave scratches and eyes that widen at the sight of you coming near, you simply have to make him or her part of your everyday routine. Rabbits love attention! And, it's good for their health. 

Daily play helps prevent bunny boredom, a problem that can lead to the unhealthy habit of overeating. If the pet snacks all day long he may become overweight and is more prone to heart problems and arthritis. The pet may also start to overgroom, or lick their fur too often, and accumulate fur balls that cause blockages in their stomachs. 

To best bond with your bunny and give the care needed, establish a daily routine that gives you quality time together. Here are three ways to get started!

Bunny Bonding Tip #1: Set Up a Feeding

Pets get in sync with our daily rhythms. By feeding and providing fresh water to your rabbit around the same time each day, your pet will star to look forward to this moment of connection, which is excellent for their mental health. Maybe feeding time happens while you enjoy your morning coffee, just after you get dressed or while the kids eat an afterschool snack. Pick an everyday activity and pair it with feeding time.
After dumping, rinsing and refilling the rabbit's water bottle or dish, adding fresh Food From the Wild to the bowl and maybe putting a treat on top, give the rabbit a little TLC. That previously mentioned ear scratching would be much appreciated! Or, let the kids head outside with the rabbit for some supervised playtime on a Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash.
Kaytee How to Bond With Your Rabbit During Everyday Activities blog Post

Bunny Bonding Tip #2: Use Games to Connect

We all love playtime, including our pets and kids. So, why not include the rabbit in these moments as well? As the kids work on a scavenger hunt or play tag in a shady backyard, they can receive pets easily while enjoying the fresh air from a Kaytee Open Living habitat. Or, let the pet explore a Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel where they can run, burrow, hide and peek. As always, stay close. Bunnies can hop and leap making them experts at exploring a bit further than you planned! 

Game time can easily be paired with your family's R&R moments each day. Do you usually go for a walk after supper or engage in board games? Include the furry member of your family. Here are more summer activities to consider trying with your pet rabbit.

Bunny Bonding Tip #3: Make Cleaning

Rabbits, like humans, enjoy exploring. So why not pair your daily tidying session up with a few habitat updates and rearranging? This will entice your pet to mix up his or her routine and check out the new locations of accessories in his home. And, he or she might just start poking his nose around in corners he or she haven't previously explored. 

To keep this easy, as you remove soiled bedding, litter or spilled food, simply put the pet's food bowl, giant-size Kaytee Igloo Hideout, or toys in a different location. When the pet goes back into his or her habitat after the cleaning, his nose is sure to start wiggling as he sniffs around at the changes. It's kind of like how we enjoy updating the pillows and curtains in a living room. It's fun to notice the changes! 

Including your pet rabbit in everyday activities is a breeze! Simply add them to your usual flow of the day and watch them become an even closer family member as they bond with the members of your household. Here's to more bunny bonding moments in the days ahead!

Kaytee How to Bond With Your Rabbit During Everyday Activities Blog Post

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