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Snow Day Activities to Enjoy with Your Pet

Snow Day Activities to Enjoy with Your Pet

Snow is falling and winter is in full force.
Luckily for pet parents, furry friends provide loving companionship so you’re not lonely on those snowed in days. While you might be stuck inside, there is still fun to be had! Try these snow day activities with your pet for some wintertime fun.

Whether you have a small animal or pet bird, there are many ways you can interact with your pet! These activities provide entertainment, bonding time, and even some new tricks.

Teach your Pet a Clever Trick 

Use winter down time together to teach your pet something. There are many resources available on how to train your pet, like this Bunny Training 101. The key to training a pet is positive reinforcement. With proper training, pets can be well behaved and interactive. 

Groom your Pet

Small animals have special grooming needs. Their nails need to be trimmed and their hair requires unique care, to name a few. Take the time to brush your guinea pig or pet rabbit. Refill your chinchilla’s dust bath so they can groom themselves, or clip your pet’s nails…only if you know how. If you are inexperienced in grooming your pet, bring them to a professional pet groomer to ensure they are safe and well cared for. 

Play a Game

Keep your pet entertained with a fun game. Pets can be engaging and fun when you provide them with stimulating activities. This extra attention will keep your pet happy and provide bonding time. Pre-made games are available for pets, like the Toss & Learn Carrot Game. Your pet bunnies, guinea pigs, or other small animals will be enthused as they try to get the treats from the game. Enriching playtime is important for the health of your pet.   

Rabbit Playing Carrot Toss Game 

Create a DIY treat 

Pets love treats! You can hear the “wheek” of your guinea pig the second they hear their treat bag crinkle. Or maybe your bird will answer you with a “yes” when you ask if they want a snack! Switch up their treats this season by adding fun or incorporating treats into one of their toys. Get creative when you’re stuck inside on your snow day! Build a DIY treat kabob, like this one we made for Winnie. He got to chew on his kabob and get apples as a treat. Please remember to keep all treats and snacks to a minimum so that your pets are healthy. Do not feed your pets food that is not safe for their species. 

DIY Guinea Pig Treat

Clean their Habitat 

Take the time to deep clean your pet’s habitat. Changing the bedding, cleaning out the litter, and washing out food dishes are regular duties. But on the next snowy day inside, take apart the habitat. Doing a deep clean is important to keep your pet healthy since their habitat is what protects them from elements around the house. It should be cleaned like you would clean your own home. While the cleaning isn’t the most fun activity for you, this is a great time for your pets to get out-of-habitat time. They can enjoy exploring in their run-about ball or run around in their play pen fencing. Time outside their habitat is stimulating as they are more active and entertained.

Encourage your Pet Bird to Say a New Word 

When you have a whole weekend stuck inside from the winter weather, you’ll have lots of quality time with your bird. This could be a good time to get your bird talking! Many pet bird species can learn to talk and say words they hear often. The key to teaching your pet bird to say a word is by repeating the word many times and using positive reinforcement. If your pet bird doesn’t talk, you can still learn what they are trying to say with our guide about parakeet behaviors.

Snuggle and Watch a Movie About Animals 

If winter hibernation is more your style, we recommend quality pet snuggles. Binge-watch your favorite show with your pet while you cuddle on the couch. Small animals love to be comfortable, so this Super Sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup is a great option.

 Chinchilla in Cuddle-e-Cup

No matter how you decide to spend your winter days at home, make sure you spend time with your pets. They deserve all the love and happiness! Whether you have feathered or furry friends, they will be entertained and enriched from these activities. And, let’s be honest, they are too cute to say “no” to. Share pictures of you and your pet enjoying a fun day together on our Facebook page.
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